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Chargepoint Stock Price Prediction - SBE Stock Price 10X


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Published on Nov 07, 2020
Chargepoint Stock Price Prediction - SBE Stock Price 10X
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So this video I wanted to discuss the Chargepoint Stock Price Prediction. The Chargepoint stock price is currently at $16.00 and I think this is fairly cheap when looking at it from a perspective of 5-10 years from now. Chargepoint is going into a merger with SBE. SBE stock is a spac company at the moment and to get into Chargepoint stock right now, you have to buy SBE stock price at $16.00.

When looking into Chargepoint stock predictions, I could see this company 10X easily because of the way the EV sector is growing in the next 5-10 years. Chargepoint Stock SBE looks to be growing and is projecting to make over 2 billion in 2027. My Chargepoint stock analysis tells me that it will continue to grow in relation to the EV sector.

SBE stock price prediction is simple. After SBE merger with Chargepoint merger, we will see the stock go up a lot. The SBE stock merger will bring in some more attention to the stock and once it happens we could see price target increases for the stock as well. There will likely be more SBE stock news and we could get hype come into it. Valuation wise SBE stock Chargepoint seems to be cheap when compared to where it could be 5-10 years from now.

The SBE stock price target I have is that it will likely see $30-$40 by 2021 if they meet their revenue goal. I do want to see more Chargepoint stock news in the future which would be good exposure for the company. Chargepoint SBE will be a good company in the long run in my opinion mainly because it will grow along side Tesla stock price and NIO stock price. As Tesla stock and NIO stock grows, we will likely see a small bump to chargepoint stock as well. This is because more EV cars = more use of charging stations.

So the real question that you may have is, is SBE stock a buy? is Chargepoint stock a buy? In my opinion I think SBE stock is a great stocks to buy now at its current price. For me SBE is a high growth stock. Growth stocks are great to invest in.

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