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Driving into the Future: Rising gas prices vs battery costs |

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Published on Dec 09, 2021
On December 8th, Driving presented the latest in its second series of Driving into the Future seminars. Recently, Driving caused quite a stir when we asked Is gas really heading to $2.00 a litre? The world is in the midst of a global energy crisis, making Driving’s upcoming How Gas Pricing will affect the Future of Mobility roundtable absolutely essential viewing.  

With oil hovering in the $80 range, it seems inevitable that it will soon hit $100 a barrel. Some analysts say that $150 US, or even 200 bucks a barrel could be possible in the near future. What will that do to the price of gasoline? How will such massive price increases affect the auto industry? And how will the 75 per cent of Canadians who bought a truck or SUV in the last few years react to $200 fill-ups? 

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