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# of ETH to be a Millionaire by 2030? How to buy Ethereum on a Budget! Worth it?


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Published on May 04, 2021
#Ethereum #ETH #EthereumDCA #TimeInTheMarket #DollarCostAverage #EthereumMillionaire

Ethereum on a Budget!? How far can I get to retire or be a millionaire by investing weekly or upfront? How many Ethereum do I need to be a millionaire by the year 2030?

0:00 Introduction ETH ON A BUDGET - all common Q's covered

0:30 math money and freedom

0:45 Top Q’s
What will ETH be worth in 2030?
How far will $50/wk for 10 years take me?
If I invest $200/wk for 10 years, can I retire?
If I invest $500/wk for 10 years, will I be a millionaire?
How many ETH do I need to be a Millionaire in 2030?
If I invested now:
#ETH for $1M by 2030

1:30 DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

1:35 ETH Massively Dominant
EIB €100 million in digital bonds on Ethereum
It is a test
Proves crypto offers better settlement, custody and transfer for the global bond market

2.18 Handling 1% of Global FS = $40K

3:00 ETH on Fire Ethereum Has Run 32x in 1 Year

3:30 How much would I have IF I put $50 a week into ETH 5.75 years ago ie 300 weeks
You would have 1,738 ETH
Total Invested: $15,000
Value today: $5,888,344 (+39,556%)

4:10 Better to be early

4:30 Is ETH a BTC Replacement? No it is not
It is the base layer for all DeFi which means it has the potential to surpass the BTC Bitcoin market cap
ETH 2.0 from POW to POS introduces many Questions and therefore the risk is higher
Note EIP 1559 introduces burning which will reduce supply thus potentially increasing price

5:30 Crazy Ethereum Price Predictions

5:47 More Eye-Popping Ethereum Price Predictions
This Bull Run
“The maximum I see for Ethereum is to reach $20,000-$40,000 in this bull run, which would correspond with a market cap of $2.2T to $4.4T already in case Bitcoin manages to go to $150,000 and a market cap of $2.7T.” Marius Kramer

Many have Ethereum potentially topping out at over $100,000 per coin in 2030

Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera Capital believes that ETH will reach six figures in 10 years

Nigel Green, the founder of DeVere Group, who also predicts that ETH price will hit the $100k mark over the next decade.

6:50 Ethereum Dominance
ETH was 15% of BTC’s Market Cap in Dec 2020
now 38.5%

7:40 ETH/BTC Ratio .022 to .06 heading to 0.1?? How many ETH do I need to be the same as having 1 Bitcoin

8:00 ETH Worst Case22% CAGR over 10 years
ETH Worst Case - 22% CAGR (note already up 500% in 4 mths this yr)
Price Per Eth in 2030

9:00 ETH Dominance Thesis50% BTC Market Cap (already at 38%)
Market cap if BTC goes to 550K

Note Coin Supply should fall

10:12 ETH:BTC ie 10 ETH = 1BTC
8 weeks ago ETH/BTC Ratio = 1840/48000 = .038
Now .06
I predict 0.1 in the future
ETH goes to 10% of BTC Value
BTC Price
BTC Price in 2030
Price Per ETH in 2030
ETH Price in 2030

11:30 Avg of all 3 Cases ETH at $38,402 in 2030

12:00 Warning could go to ZERO

12:20 IF we go to $100K…. Use the change for the LAMBO

13:00 US $200 Per Week until Dec 2030 in FIAT $200
$200 a week is 100K by Dec 2030 starting today at current bank rates
Or 52K in purchasing power in 2030

13:40 US $200 Per Week until Dec 2030
$200 a week you will accumulate between 10 and 13 ETH
Expected Case Future ETH Value will be $400K
more than 5x your money
Avg ETH cost $8600

14:00 How much will I have in 2030 if I invest US $500 Per Week until Dec 2030
$252K invested goes to nearly $1.4M under excessive model and $1M under my exp model
Avg cost per is between 8-10K
25-32 ETH would be accumulated

15:20 To be a Millionaire in 2030 on ETH? ETH Needed now to be $1M in 2030
Need between 18 and 39 ETH to be a millionaire
The expected case is 29 ETH
The cost today is 97K
1 year ago the cost was $3K

17:30 Some roads lead to... ETHEREUM

18:00 Conclusions
Transformational Times
Investing early is better
FIAT hedges are key
Ethereum has the power to completely disrupt many industries
Returns over the next ten years will be nowhere near as high as last decade

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