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5 Killer Ideas for Drone Videos 2021


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Published on Jul 21, 2021
The last one I made is still my most viewed video. 5 new drone cinematography shots/ideas so you don't just hang out in the air, spin a bunch and get frustrated. Also what's selling the best (locally ((which is way way better btw)) and on pond5 ((which pays well for a stock site and has traffic.))

1.Falling Backwards
2. Eagle on the Mountain
3. Flyaway POV
4. Dropoff
5. Downtown. Sunset. Rooftop.

Tripod mode, softer movement settings, 16ND filter.

If its a Mini 2 or Air 2/Air 2S then fix the color in an editor, the default is pretty bland. I use Adobe Premiere Pro its like $20/month for students.

Most shots using the mavic 2 pro. Also got some Air 2S in there (barely) some Evo II Pro 6k which is way better at sunsets than DJI, and the Mini 2 believe it or not. Its really good at being discreet and getting close to a rooftop or between buildings/trees.
Inspire 2 with the X5S is a ton of the San Diego, California footage.
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