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Frozen 2: The Truth About Elsa And Anna's Parents


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Published on Apr 26, 2019
The Real Story About What Happened To Elsa And Anna's Parents
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“Frozen” fans couldn't be any more excited about the upcoming sequel! When Disney dropped the trailer for “Frozen 2,” our jaws literally hit the floor! This movie looks even more epic than the first one. Anna and Elsa are going on some sort of adventure that will take them far away from Arendelle. But Disney is keeping this adventure's details under wraps to preserve the element of surprise. However, some fans believe that Elsa and Anna will be attempting to find out what really happened to their parents on the night of their disappearance.

Anna and Elsa lost their parents at a very young age. But we don’t exactly know what happened to them. There have been rumors that their shipwreck landed them straight into another Disney movie, like “Tarzan” or “The Little Mermaid.” However, we do know that Queen Iduna will play a pivotal role in the upcoming sequel. But, what does it all mean? Tune into TheThings to find out the truth about Anna and Elsa's mysterious parents.

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