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A New Rogue (From Rogue One to A New Hope)


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Published on May 11, 2017
Vader’s Mission: After the Tantive IV’s jump to hyperspace and right before it was chased near Tatooine by The Devastator, what happened? What’s in stake for the Alliance? For the Empire? Find out!

To the artist of this 3D model:
Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) (Author)
P.R.Dobson (Martocticvs) (C4D r8 Conversion)
Fabio Passaro (LW conversion)
Hyperspace effect: Rendered by Tonton Palanca
And to Adywan for sequence from one of his revisited editions.
And of course to Lucasfilm, FOX, ILM and Disney, I don't own anything, all copyright belongs to their respective owners.

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