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Action Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch At Least Once | Netflix

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Published on May 14, 2021
There's nothing like a good action flick to get your heart pumping. Whether you're a fan of traditional action fare or you prefer to sprinkle your action cinema with elements of fantasy, horror, or even comedy, there's a little something for everyone just waiting to be added to your queue. Here's a look at some of the hidden action gems you won't want to miss.

There's no such thing as a miracle cure, and our protagonist in the sci-fi/action thriller Self/Less finds that out the hard way. The 2015 film features Sir Ben Kingsley as Damian Hale, a billionaire who is diagnosed with terminal cancer but is offered a whole new lease on life when he learns of the so-called "shedding" treatment. This secret medical operation transfers his mind into a newer, healthier body, so when Damian wakes up, he finds himself with an all-new physique, with Ryan Reynolds now portraying the revitalized Damian Hale.

The trouble is, this perfect body was not created in a laboratory, as Damian previously believed, but instead belonged to a man whose memories begin to resurface when Damian fails to take his prescribed medications. Damian learns that his body once belonged to a man named Mark, who has a loving wife and child who are very much still alive. Damian must then race against the clock to find out the truth of this novel "shedding" procedure before Mark's mind either takes over, or fades from his body altogether. Get ready for some serious existential thrills when you queue up Self/Less.

Self/Less | 0:00
Peppermint | 1:35
Adrift | 2:26
Mr. Right | 3:12
Unknown | 4:12
Double World | 4:53
Triple Threat | 5:31
Inside Man: Most Wanted | 6:14
The Outpost | 7:12
Tremors: Shrieker Island | 8:23
Prospect | 9:06
Hold the Dark | 9:48
Point Blank | 10:46
Seventh Son | 11:44
Polar | 12:28
The Outsider | 13:09
Space Sweepers | 13:53
Free State of Jones | 15:05
American Assassin | 15:51

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Action Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch At Least Once | Netflix​​

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