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Women at DeepMind | Applying for Technical Roles


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Published on Jun 23, 2020
It’s no secret that the gender gap still exists within STEM. Despite a slight increase in recent years, studies show that women only make up about a quarter of the overall STEM workforce in the UK, for example. While the reasons vary, many women report feeling held back by a lack of representation, clear opportunities and information on what working in the sector actually involves.

Closing the gap within STEM is not a quick fix. Various organisations like Women in Machine Learning (WiML) actively work to help create a more inclusive environment where the successes of women are amplified. They also stand as an important point of information for the many women who want to learn more about what it’s like to work in STEM.

We asked the Women in Machine Learning (WiML) community to share their questions about technical interviewing. To answer and to discuss what it’s actually like to work at DeepMind, we brought together Mihaela Rosca (Research Engineer), Feryal Behbahani (Research Scientist) and Kate Parkyn (Recruitment Lead - Research & Engineering).

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