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Early Muslim Expansion - Arab Conquest of Iran and Egypt

Kings and Generals

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Published on Jul 11, 2021
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In the new Kings and Generals full animated historical documentary, we will describe the second phase of the Muslim expansion into the Eastern Roman and Sassanid Empires. In the aftermath of the battles of Yarmouk and al-Qadisiyyah (, the Rashidun Caliphate continued its conquests and the Arab armies moved into Iran proper, Egypt, Anatolia, and North Africa. The remainder of Iraq, Syria, and the Levant was conquered in this era. This video features the late campaigns of Khalid ibn al-Walid, as well as the battles of Ctesiphon, Alexandria, Nikiou, Jerusalem, Sufetula, Heliopolis, and Nahavand. We also attempted to describe the early Muslim armies that fought against the Byzantine and Iranian forces.

Early Muslim Expansion Season 1:
Muslim Schism:
Christian Schism:
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Narration: Officially Devin (
Animation: MalayArcher (
Script: Matt Hollis
Illustrations: Nargiz Isayeva

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