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Top 10 MOST INTERESTING Velomobiles, eTrikes, Cargo eBikes and More!

TheFuture | Ride Report

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Published on Aug 10, 2021
Velomobiles, eTrikes, eBikes, electric recumbent bikes and cargo cycles are part of a niche electric vehicle industry that is innovating rapidly. From quirky-looking velomobiles like the Pod Ride, to race car-inspired velomobiles like the Begorett, to the infamous DryCycle, we've researched and produced a list of the Best Velomobiles, Pod Cars, eTrikes, and eBikes. We hope you enjoy it!
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Video Chapters:
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0:44 Number 10: Cabriovelo Velomobile
1:38 Number 9: DryCycle
2:38 Number 8: CityQ
3:38 Number 7: AddMotor M360 eBike
4:59 Number 6: Begorett
6:03 Number 5: Canyon Future Mobility Concept
7:15 Number 4: The Infamous PodRide
8:26 Number 3: Organic Transit ELF Velomobile
9:33 Number 2: VeVolve Armadillo
11:00 Number 1: Better Bike PEBL
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Hi! TheFuture YouTube channel provides well-researched videos on urban transportation, micro mobility, and last mile transportation innovations. We also cover everything from eboard and emtb, to velomobiles and mini EVs, to electric bikes, electric motorcycles, e scooters, electric skateboards and more. If you like this seeing what TheFuture has to offer, then please subscribe and join the community!
Some of the footage used in producing The Future's video content contains portions of stock footage gathered from multiple sources including, manufacturers, distributors, brand holders, and other sources. If you feel there is an issue with any of our content please reach out to us. Thanks!

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