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Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet Hope 'Ammonite' Will Normalize LGBTQ Love Stories


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Published on Sep 22, 2020
In "Ammonite" the Kate Winslet plays Mary Anning, real life fossil collector and palaeontologist who was overlooked for her contributions to history. Meanwhile Saoirse Ronan portrays Charlotte, a wealthy younger woman grieving over having lost a baby. After Charlotte’s thoughtless husband, Roderick (James McArdle), pays the penniless Mary to watch over Charlotte while he goes abroad, a grudging Mary and the mourning Charlotte fall in love on the rocky, windswept coastline as they hunt for fossils.

Winslet noted that the relationship is never discussed in the movie between the characters, much less as a same-sex one. “It just is,” she said at Variety's Virtual studio at the Toronto International Film Festival, presented by Canada Goose. “And so for me, the fact that this story is just about two people who fall in love was quite exceptional.”

“It made me feel that surely, by telling this story in that way, we were in some way contributing to the way that LGBTQ films are interpreted on film, and normalized — without hesitation, without fear,” Winslet continued. “And it was such a joyful experience for me to play a character like that.”
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