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Markup: H.R. 3429, the SHOP SAFE Act of 2021 | PART 2

House Committee on the Judiciary

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Published on Sep 30, 2021

| Markup: H.R. 3429, the Stopping Harmful Offers on Platforms by Screening Against Fakes in E-commerce Act of 2021 or the SHOP SAFE Act of 2021; H.R. 2883, the Stop Stalling Access to Affordable Medications; H.R. 2891, the Preserve Access to Affordable Generics and Biosimilars Act; H.R. 2873, the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Through Promoting Competition Act of 2021; H.R. 2884, the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Through Improvements to Patent Litigation Act; H.R. 3617, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021 or the MORE Act of 2021; H.R. 2116, the Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act of 2021 or the CROWN Act of 2021; H.R. 187, For the relief of Victoria Galindo Lopez.; H.R. 680, For the relief of Arpita Kurdekar, Girish Kurdekar, and Vandana Kurdekar.; H.R. 681, For the relief of Rebecca Trimble.; H.R. 739, For the relief of Median El-Moustrah.; and H.R. 785, For the relief of Maria Isabel Bueso Barrera, Alberto Bueso Mendoza, and Karla Maria Barrera De Bueso. | Full Committee Markup | EVENT ID: 114092 |


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