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How The GM Ultium Battery Compares To Tesla Ahead of Battery Day

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Published on Jul 28, 2020
Several months ago GM unveiled its Ultium battery, which has very impressive specs. But how does the Ultium battery compare to the Tesla battery just two months before the Tesla Battery Day?

Ariana Hale has published an interesting comparison of GM Ultium vs Tesla batteries at Hot Cars looking at four areas: Research and Development, Capacity and Range, Structural Integrity, Future Applications.

In this video, I discuss all those four areas of comparing GM's Ultium battery with Tesla's current batteries. But keep in mind, yesterday Torque News learned that Tesla is going to announce about completely new battery technologies during its Battery Day in September and going to produce them in phase two planning of Giga Berlin.

Regarding the Ultium vs Tesla battery comparison, Hale writes "according to measures of core efficiency, Tesla’s battery provides 42% more efficiency per kWh than other electric vehicles. Although it is difficult to compare the Ultium based solely on preliminary numbers, there is no question that GM will be continuously making improvements to their battery technology."

In terms of capacity and range, Hale says various sizes of Ultium batteries are in development, from 50 to 200kWh. According to GM, vehicles fitted with these batteries could have a range at or above 400 miles on a single charge. They will use 400V battery packs in cars and 800V in trucks with 200kW and 350kW fast charging, respectively. Even with the array of Tesla models available, GM will most likely be able to hold its own in the EV market.


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