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Friction, Torque And Positioning Hinges Application Examples - TorqMaster


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Published on Sep 20, 2019 - There are a wide range of applications for our stock and custom (and semi-custom) torque and friction hinges. If you wish to speak with one of our engineers about your design needs then call us (U.S. Eastern Time) at (203) 326-5945.

You also may contact our engineers and explain what you would like to accomplish through our Contact Form.

Our hinges have been used in many superior products. Examples of the kinds of categories of products in which we can help you are seen below.

Contact us and talk with our engineers to start the conversation. We want to help you come up with the right hinge for your specific requirements and need for quality.

We specialize and focus on Friction Hinges and other Motion control type assemblies and are open to other value added opportunities. Our products run the gamut across many industries from Automotive, Medical, Consumer Electronics to Aerospace and Defense.

We have in house Engineering, R&D, Prototyping, Machining and Assembly Departments.

We would certainly be interested in reviewing any small assemblies that utilize our hinges if they aligns with our strengths and core competencies.

Other examples of applications which can use our hinges include:

* aircraft and aviation interiors (headrests, arm rests, tray tables, etc.)

* LCD screens and monitors and displays

* medical device equipment

* train, rail, locomotive

* automobile interiors

* laptops, notebooks and other personal electronics

* point of sale (POS) terminals

* office supply and peripherals like computer printers and copiers

Translated titles:
Exemplos de aplicação de dobradiças de atrito, torque e posicionamento-TorqMaster

Wrijving, koppel en positioneringsscharnieren Toepassingsvoorbeelden-TorqMaster

Esempi di applicazione di cerniere di attrito, coppia e posizionamento-TorqMaster


마찰, 토크 및 포지셔닝 힌지 적용 사례-TorqMaster

Friksjon, dreiemoment og posisjoneringshengsler Anvendelseseksempler-TorqMaster

Bisagras de fricción, par y posicionamiento Ejemplos de aplicación-TorqMaster

Exemples d'application de charnières à friction, couple et positionnement-TorqMaster

Anwendungsbeispiele für Reibungs-, Drehmoment-und Positionierungsscharniere-TorqMaster
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