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This Is How Apple Will End All Of Its Competition


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Published on April 02, 2019
Apple has constantly released new products over the years but the 2019 conference announcements could be the end for its competition like Netflix, Amazon and even Newsstands.

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Apple, which first made a name for itself in the personal computer business has been branching out into every facet of the technology business to capture any lifestyle that needs its high-tech savvy. And in doing so, the company has an implied motive in its mission statement to wipe out its competition.

There are a number of reasons why Apple’s been so formidable, not the least of which is that the technology is so intricate, it makes the products less intimidating and easier to use. That’s a trait shared with a series of other products such as the iPhone among others.

But the company has been under government eyes for years about some of their allegedly unfair business practices. Some sources indicate tax avoidance and price gouging once company counterparts were off the playing field. And with new products recently announced from Apple News+ to Apple TV Channels, the question remains whether the same tactics will be used by Apple to try to destroy those that stand in its way. #Apple

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