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Impressive Vought F4U Corsair - WWII Most formidable American fighter?

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Published on May 15, 2021
Most formidable American fighter Corsair F4U? Iconic WWII American fighter. The Corsair was the Marine Corps’ workhorse fighter and arguably the best fighter in World War II. The F4U was the first U.S. Navy aircraft to feature landing gear that retracted into a fully enclosed wheel well. The landing gear oleo struts—each with its own strut door enclosing it when retracted—rotated through 90° during retraction, with the wheel atop the lower end of the strut when retracted. A pair of rectangular doors enclosed each wheel well, leaving a streamlined wing.


Development of the F4U Corsair began in early 1938, headed-up by Vought Aircraft’s Chief Engineer, Rex Biesel, who was a pioneer in the science and industry of aviation. He was the lead designer of several successful military and civilian aircraft, but his real glory was creation of the Corsair.

⏰ Timestamps Corsair F4U Fighter Documentary
00:00 Design and Development
03:02 Test Flights
06:40 Combat in the Pacific
11:25 "Pappy" Boyington and "Lucky" Lindbergh
13:06 Korea and Beyond

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