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Small Details You Missed In Enola Holmes

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Published on Oct 30, 2020
The whereabouts of Enola's mother and the plot to murder Viscount Tewkesbury aren't the only mysteries lurking in Enola Holmes, the new adventure flick that follows Sherlock Holmes' younger sister. The movie is also full of Easter eggs that you probably missed. Don't blame yourself; this stuff is well-hidden. It'd take a sleuth of Enola's caliber to find it all.

Thankfully, this is one case you don't have to crack alone. Director Harry Bradbeer, who brought Enola Holmes to life, has provided some us with some clues, pointing out exactly where to find all of those small details that slipped by you the first time around. So, fire up Enola Holmes once more and start searching. The game is afoot!

Growing up, Enola had a full run of the Holmes family estate, Ferndell, with one exception. As Enola informs her snooping and disrespectful brothers, her mother Eudoria's chamber is a "private space," and is strictly off limits.

So why, then, did Eudoria hide her first clue for Enola in the one room that the young detective isn't allowed to enter? Apparently, it's all part of Enola's training. Eudoria doesn't want convention and social norms to define her daughter, and begins Enola's journey with a very important lesson: Sometimes, it's okay to break the rules.

Eudoria's forbidden chambers | 0:00
The patriarchal pool game | 1:16
Much more than a simple wildflower | 2:14
The most fashionable Easter egg of all | 2:55
I love him, I love him not | 3:32
It's a man's world... or is it? | 4:17

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Small Details You Missed In Enola Holmes

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While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord.
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