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E931 JFrog's Shlomi Ben Haim: built DevOps unicorn, Series A-D milestones, acquisitions, security

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Published on May 10, 2019

JFrog Co-Founder & CEO Shlomi Ben Haim shares lessons from growing his DevOps unicorn, helming massive growth, hitting essential milestones from Series A through D, integrating valuable acquisitions, & leading the future of security

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Show notes:
0:43 - Jason introduces Shlomi Ben Haim who explains what JFrog is, the downsides of releasing software updates so fast, and the business model of JFrog.

10:05 - Jason thanks sponsor LinkedIn. Claim a $50 credit toward your first job posting:

11:34 - Moving the company to the USA, how JFrog received VC funding, the difference between a Series A and D, and paid product vs. open-source product.

19:59 - Jason thanks sponsor Rippling. For an easier way to onboard and supercharge new employees, go to and get 20% off.

21:38 - Conversations about living in Israel, and Amazon as both a customer and a competitor.

27:17 - Thinking about an IPO and acquisitions, and integrating acquired companies.

34:13 - Jason thanks sponsor Pilot. Go to for 20% off your first 6 months of Pilot Core.

36:15 - Educating developers to keep up with demand and inspiring young people entering the field, and the current security/hacking situation.
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