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DARK Seasons 1 and 2 Explained | Detailed Recap and Breakdown | No Season 3 Spoilers


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Published on Aug 02, 2020
The final season of Dark is upon us! Don’t have time to rewatch the first two seasons? Don’t worry - I did it for you and put together this super detailed recap of EVERYTHING that has happened so far. Plus a nifty chapter index below so you can skip right to the parts where your memory is a little fuzzy or where you could use some clarification.

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00:00 Start
00:14 Michael Kahnwald Takes His Own Life
00:36 The Day Mikkel Disappears
4:41 Jonas Finds His Father’s Map
6:30 The Stranger Checks In
7:13 When Is Mikkel?
8:45 Claudia’s Orientation at the Nuclear Plant
10:15 Jonas’ First Trip in the Cave
10:40 Bartosz Gets a Call from Noah
11:30 Jonas Meets the Stranger
12:58 Jonas Receives Michael’s Letter
14:44 Charlotte Begins to Suspect Peter
16:00 Elisabeth Meets Noah and Receives the Pocket Watch
17:08 Hannah Accuses Ulrich
18:15 Hannah Meets Young Mikkel
18:50 Ulrich Discovers that Mads Time Traveled
21:17 Jonas’ First Time Travel
23:17 Ulrich Investigates Helge and Discovers Time Travel
27:52 Erik and Yasin Are Found in 1953
29:27 Doris and Agnes Meet
30:15 Claudia’s Dog Gretchen is Lost
30:55 Ulrich Attacks Child Helge
32:22 The Stranger Meets H.G. Tannhaus
35:15 Ulrich is Arrested in 1953
35:55 Enter Aleksander Tiedemann
37:05 Claudia’s Dog Gretchen is Found
40:24 Bartosz Meets His Grandmother Claudia
42:15 Peter Finds Mads, Claudia Guides Him
43:17 Jonas Asks Ines About Mikkel
44:15 H.G. Tannhau Builds a Time Machine
46:00 Charlotte Discovers Time Travel
47:40 Old Helge visits Younger Helge
48:48 Jonas’ Second Time Travel - Learns he is the Stranger
51:27 Old Helge vs Younger Helge
51:45 Noah Tells Bartosz About the War Over Time
52:37 Older Jonas Closes the Wormhole
52:55 Jonas Travels to the Future

53:49 June 21, 1921 - Noah Digs a Tunnel
55:15 Enter Clausen
57:00 Elisabeth Finds Noah
57:30 Hannah Meets Older Jonas
58:27 Jonas Witnesses an Execution in 2053
1:00:24 Jonas Discovers a Piece of God
1:00:34 Clausen Interviews Regina Tiedemann
1:01:45 Jonas and Hannah See Mikkel in 1987
1:02:14 Claudia Meets Old Claudia
1:02:52 Egon Checks in With Helge and Ulrich in 1987
1:03:52 Claudia Gets a Time Machine
1:04:55 Jonas Leaves 2053
1:07:37 Agnes Meets Old Claudia in the Bunker
1:10:07 The Bootstrap Paradox - Origin of A Journey Through Time
1:10:52 Egon Unravels the Truth of Ulrich’s Time Travel
1:12:59 Claudia Learns Egon Has Cancer
1:13:25 Noah Kills Old Claudia and Gets the Missing Pages
1:14:19 Jonas Arrives in 1921
1:15:44 Charlotte, Peter, and Hannah meet with Older Jonas
1:17:08 Katharina Learns About Time Travel
1:18:45 Martha, Magnus, and Co Beat Up Bartosz
1:19:45 Claudia Learns Her Father Will Die in Two Days
1:22:34 Jonas Meets Adam and Learns His True Identity
1:22:43 Martha, Magnus, and Co Learn About Time Travel
1:24:13 Ulrich Briefly Reunites with Mikkel
1:27:12 Charlotte Learns Who Her Father Is
1:29:00 Older Jonas Tells Hannah She is the Worst
1:29:34 Adam Sends Jonas to Prevent Mikkel’s Death
1:32:18 The Day Before Mikkel Dies
1:38:40 The Day Egon Dies
1:40:30 Aleksander Tiedemann Faces the Music
1:41:32 Martha Meets Older Jonas
1:42:45 Hannah Goes to 1954
1:43:56 Claudia Meets Young Jonas
1:45:26 The Day of the Apocalypse

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