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I spend my life sharing Islam to others, but I could not guide my own father.. | Revert Stories

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Published on Jun 06, 2021
This is a very special Revert Story, featuring an Internationally-known Daie and our beloved IPSI's President and Founder, Dato Hj. Kamarudin Abdullah.

Affectionately known as Brother Kamarudin, he had travelled the world giving talks and dialogues, as well as actively doing dakwah to the Non-Muslims for the past 30 years. He embraced the religion of Islam in his teenage years in Penang. One day while working, he encountered a man who will change his life forever in a mere few words. That man was the late Syeikh Ahmed Deedat rahimahullah.

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About IPSI:

Islamic Propagation Society International (IPSI), Malaysia is a non-government, non-political organization, popularly known as IPSI. The primary concern of IPSI is none other than to disseminate the word of Allah via the sincere promotion of the reading, understanding, and practicing of the Qur'an and As-Sunnah. IPSI devotes its activities in reminding mankind of his fitrah; the worship of the One and Only God.

IPSI's message is simple and direct. Our call is the call of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention), the voice which calls on humanity as a whole to awake and hearken to the sublime message from the Lord, Cherisher, and Creator of all the worlds. IPSI struggles to deliver the message of Islam to people from all walks of life through its public lectures, seminars, forums, exhibitions, and various assortments of printed and electronic mediums.

The initial da'wah promotion began primarily centered around Masjid Kapitan Keling, mainly in guiding non-Muslim tourists around this historical mosque which is the second oldest in Penang. The minaret of this mosque is still being used as an Islamic information center, courtesy of the committee members of the mosque.

With the help of local donors initially, IPSI's financial standing grew from a meager humble sum and is still growing (Alhamdulillah!) to accommodate the ever-increasing scope of da'wah activities run by IPSI. The ummah has been ever enthusiastic in supporting our activities in the name of Allah in putting up a second front in spreading His Divine Message.

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