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Can you 3D Print with Trimmer Line?!

CNC Kitchen

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Published on Nov 14, 2020
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IMPORTANT: Please make sure to only 3D print trimmer line in well-ventilated areas where you're not constantly present. As some of you pointed out, some materials that are not primarily intended for 3D printing can release TOXIC FUMES when heated!

Trimmer Line from the hardware store resembles 3D printing filament very closely and is often made from tough Nylon. Could this be an option for 3D printing filament? Let me show you if it and how it works and how strong 3D prints from Trimmer Line are!

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00:00 Introduction
02:18 Printing Trimmer Line
04:12 Material Drying
06:38 Temperature Tuning
08:53 Strength Tests
11:27 Summary
12:17 Promotion
13:45 Outro

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