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Marvel Actors You Didn't Realize Had Died


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Published on Jul 22, 2021
Marvel movies are known for attracting the biggest stars in Hollywood to play roles both large and small. Who could resist participating in such an entertaining and lucrative juggernaut? You'll have a hard time finding any super-huge name who hasn't appeared in a Marvel movie at this point.

But since the launch of Marvel on the silver screen decades ago, some of these familiar faces have passed on. These stars left their marks on the Marvel Universe, but often, created an even bigger mark on cinema in general. Here are a few Marvel actors you may not have realized had died.

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Miguel Ferrer: Vice President Rodriguez | 0:00
John Pinette: Bumpo | 1:17
Peter Fonda: Mephistopheles | 2:18
Irrfan Khan: Rajit Ratha | 3:14
Richard Kiley: The Cosmos | 4:14
Reg E. Cathey: James Lucas | 4:58
Dr. Wesley Von Spears: Holographic Dog | 5:50

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