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What Nobody Realized About Wolverine


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Published on May 28, 2020
Do you know all of Wolverine's quirks and secret powers?
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Wolverine is one of the most popular mutants in the Marvel Universe and one of its first break out stars when it comes to the big screen. Hugh Jackman might have made the man who is the best at what he does even if what he does isn’t very nice a household name, but not all of those households might know some of the stranger aspects of the clawed Canadian. There’s more to the man named Logan than just healing, adamantium, and claws. From his long life to his many associations with groups like the X-Men, Defenders, Fantastic Four, and Avengers to the weird side effects of his super powers that are superpowers all on their own. Animal senses make Wolverine hard to fool and means that your dog likes him better than he likes you. Healing means that even time has a hard time killing Wolverine. Even if you get close, his beserker rage makes things even harder. If his natural powers weren’t enough, Weapon X went and made his skeleton indestructible and then Professor X made his mind impenetrable. His regenerative powers alone give him enough side powers to fill a superhero team of his own. He’s a man of mystery even to himself, which strangely itself is a product of his healing powers. Let’s take a dive into Wolverine and see if we can’t find some things you never knew about Logan, the Wolverine.

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