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i had covid-19: all of my weird symptoms, beating it, and recovery.


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Published on May 24, 2020
hey everyone!

this week i'm back with the first video i'm filming in a month and a half.. a little explanation for where i've been. yes, i had covid-19 as most of you already know, but i wanted to make a video squashing some of the myths, sharing the tough symptoms some of us don’t want to talk about, how i managed to survive all of them, and my now recovery. i spared y'all some of the details but i wanted to be honest so that anyone else out there experiencing the symptoms that i had, don't feel so alone. a lot of us don't have to be hospitalized and are sent home to recover on our own care which is scary. how could you trust yourself to take care of something unprecedented? trust me it IS possible. i am so thankful that it didn't come to the point of hospitalization but my symptoms were very painful and so i knew that i had to share exactly what i did to combat them. i hope this video could help some of you through your questions and maybe if you're experiencing this too, you will feel less alone.

i am so incredibly thankful to be back and to still have so much support. your messages really meant the world when i was at my lowest. sending you all so much love,

spray mentioned: do NOT take if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding! take as specified on the bottle
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