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Can Wingtip Motors Improve Aircraft Efficiency? RCTestFlight Solar Collaboration Part 1

Think Flight

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Published on Sep 15, 2021
For an upcoming collaboration with RCTestFlight I am testing out the difference in efficiency between wingtip motors and motors placed mid wing. We also have a little fun with smoke grenades, though test flights don't always go as planned.

Thanks to Sarah Tan for the video edit.

A Discord server ( ) has been graciously organized for this channel by and Henic.

This article is the one I found most helpful for elucidating the practical applications of wingtip motors:

Someone in the comments made a very interesting suggestion, and that was that I do a fundraiser of some sort after getting a cost estimate to get actual wind tunnel time to test out various configurations and combinations and go quite a bit more in depth. If you think that this is a worthwhile endeavor drop it in the comments and I'll try to make a rational judgment on the amount of interest and lets see if this goes anywhere.
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