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Maccabean Revolt - Anti-Hellenic Rebellion in Judea DOCUMENTARY

Kings and Generals

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Published on Mar 04, 2021
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Kings and Generals' historical animated documentary series on the history of Ancient Civilizations continues with a video on Maccabean Revolt - the anti-Hellenic and anti-Seleucid rebellion in Judea. As the Basileus of Seleucid Empire Antiochus the Great and his descendants attempted to Hellenize the Jews, a man called Judas Maccabeus and his relatives rose in rebellion waging a bloody guerilla war against the phalanx. This video covers all the major battles of the revolt and tells the origin story of Jewish Hanukkah

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The video was made by Yağız Bozan and Murat Can Yağbasan, while the script was researched and written by Leo Stone. This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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Production Music courtesy of EpidemicSound

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