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New to iRacing? This will help you get started

David Sampson

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Published on Feb 29, 2020
In this sim racing video, I will cover the basics of getting starting in iRacing. I'll go over everything you need to know to get started, from what is included in the base game, how to play, what iRating means and more!

In this sim racing video, I will help you understand iRacing and cover the following subjects:

How to download iRacing
What cars are included
What tracks are included
What is Safety Rating
What is iRating
License Classes
Race Participation
Race Series
Fixed Events
Championship Points
Race Structure
Painting Cars

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iRacing Beta UI Walkthrough:

Setup FOV:

Setup Force Feedback:

Tips and Tricks:

Set a Custom Livery:

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Video Intro
1:27 iRacing Cost
2:38 Signup and Download
3:12 iRacing Website
4:19 iRacing Beta Software
5:11 What's Included in iRacing
5:36 Included Cars
6:37 Included Tracks
7:41 Buying Cars
9:32 Buying Tracks
10:16 License Classes
14:20 iRating
17:52 Safety Rating
22:50 License Promotion requirements
24:24 Seasons
26:40 Championship points
29:40 Structure of a race
32:21 Car Customization
33:58 AI
34:51 Fixed and non-fixed events
36:30 Outro

#iRacing #gettingstarted #iRacingnewbie
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