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Riding in the 6000lbft (!) Mach-E 1400 EV Mustang

The Late Brake Show

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Published on Oct 28, 2020
Ford's Mustang Mach E electric goes on sale in 2021, but Jonny rides in the 7-motor 6000lbft Mach-E 1400 EV drift car to feel what it's like. Welcome to The Late Brake Show. Also in this episode; a tech tour with pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr, who also helped build the Mach-E 1400 at his RTR workshop (along with Ford Performance), which has been built for circuit race, gymkhana and encourage mainstream electric appreciation amongst car enthusiasts.

7 motors, 800 volts, 56kWh and diffs built to cope with torque numbers never seen by any supercar.

Jonny met up with Vaughn and the EV muscle car at Goodwood's Speed Week event at the historic Goodwood circuit (where the Goodwood Revival is usually held) where the Mach-E 1400 was debuting, He got a detailed tour around of the car, plus a shotgun ride with the car in drift mode.

Ford Mach E 1400 detailed tech spec:

Suspension • Custom SLA Pushrod front and rear
Steering • Front end config changeable for drift or track running to increase steer
Body • Stock Mustang Mach-E BiW (body in white from assembly line) prepped for motorsport with added roll cage
Driveline Config • FWD / AWD / RWD, Driver controlled variable torque bias
Tyres • Drift – Nitto, Track – Michelin
Brakes • Brembo 6-Piston front and 4-Piston rear developed on Mustang GT4 race
car, Special hydraulic handbrake added and integrated with powertrain, Ford production EBB system installed allowing for ABS, series regenerative braking and stability control
Powertrain • 7 x Motors ( 3 front and 4 rear)
• Axial Flux pancake style (Stacked together with single output shaft)
• Winters quickchange Torsen diffs front and rear
• Inverters – Water cooled
• Motors – Oil cooled and lubricated
Power Target 1400 HP / 1500 lb.ft
Battery • 56.8 kWh / 800V (Installed)
• Li-Ion NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt)
• Designed to cool during charge to decrease time between runs with CFD
optimized flows
• 75min to full charge from empty
Aerodynamics • 2300lbs @ 160mph (CFD #s)
• Developed using Ford Performance CFD development tools.
• The same tools used in Ford racing development and the same tools we
use to improve our production car methods

• Height – 60.9”
• Length – 207.4”
• WB – 117.5”
• O/A Width – 85.4”
• Track width – 70.87”
Other • 4 Seat demonstrator
• Flax fiber hood composite hood

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Filmed by RTR vehicles and Ford Europe.
Thanks to Aurora Media and Goodwood for track footage.
Edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

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Jonny Smith aka CarPervert
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98
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0:00 Intro to Goodwood circuit
0:30 Intro in the pits
1:05 Jonny meets the Mach-E 1400
1:36 Meeting Vaughn and prepping to go on track
2:00 Launching on track (rwd mode)
2:20 First drift on Goodwood circuit
3:00 Full speed on circuit
3:35 Drift gymkhana 1
3:52 Compared to nitrous shot Mustang
4:20 First time Vaughn drove Mach-E 1400
5:10 Walk around the car build
5:48 Bodyshell design
6:30 4 seats and built to entertain
6:52 Rowan Atkinson's Plymouth Barracuda!
7:07 What is the sound?
7:40 Sound co-developed by T-Pain
8:20 Photobombed by AC Shelby Cobra
8:40 What do the drifters say?
9:20 Drift gymkhana 2
9:50 Time scale of Mach-E build
10:15 Bodykit and Flax composite material
11:00 Aerodynamics
11:20 Top speed?
11:40 Rear wing chin ups
12:02 Change from 4wd to rwd
12:18 SPECS!
12:58 7 motors - where are they?
14:03 The interior
15:02 Photobombed by Austin 7
15:17 Drift gymkhana 3
16:02 Rear wing chin ups proved
16:20 Aerodynamics functional?
17:10 RTR built, Ford approved
17:35 Standard Mach-E stats
18:20 Jonny's ride
18:50 Will there be a Mach-E RS?
21:00 Do EVs catch fire?
21:55 What do V8 fans say?
22:30 Photobombed by a Ford Galaxie
23:25 No need to sell your piston cars
24:17 Outro & subscribe

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