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Chamath Palihapitiya on rebuilding Social Capital & Silicon Valley ponzi scheme

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Published on Oct 12, 2018

E864: Social Capital's Chamath Palihapitiya on how he fell for the mythology & Ponzi scheme of Silicon Valley, is now getting back to solving problems that matter; urges founders to grow real, grow slow, & stay true to what they want to build in the world @ LAUNCH Scale.

Show Notes:

1:52 : Jason introduces Chamath from Social Capital.

5:21 : Chamath talks about chasing the wrong things due to personal issues.

7:56 : Jason thanks sponsor Walker Corporate Law. Call 415-979-9998 or visit

12:16 : Chamath describes the world of entrepreneurship and technology as being in the “bullseye of everybody else” and touches on “fundamental belief in oneself”.

14:06 : Chamath discusses Social Capital’s mission going forward.

19:16 : Jason thanks sponsor Campaign Monitor, an easy to use email marketing platform. Visit to try it for free.

21:43 : Chamath on why Silicon Valley is a Ponzi scheme.

30:19 : Jason thanks sponsor LinkedIn, world’s largest professional network. Visit to get a $100 credit to launch your first ads.

34:45 : Chamath on staying capital light and non-obvious.

42:05 : Jason and Chamath discuss anonymous detractors versus useful criticism.
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