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What is Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer? Chat With Neural Net Expert James Douma (Ep. 180)

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Published on Nov 10, 2020
I discuss why Tesla needs Dojo supercomputer, why labeling is so important, and how Tesla is rapidly improving their full-self driving system. View Full Recording of this 11/9/20 Interview with James Douma, .

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0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Who is James Douma
1:30 - What is Dojo?
4:05 - How Tesla makes the system better
4:30 - Labeling data
5:15 - How to leverage labeling
6:00 - What is 3D structure through motion
8:55 - Dojo bringing down computational costs
10:20 - GPUs for Neural Nets
11:50 - Custom silicon for neural nets
12:20 - Dojo’s current progress
13:50 - What is labeling
18:55 - Training neural nets
21:24 - How neural nets work with human labelers
23:30 - Supervised training
24:00 - Misperception of what Tesla is doing
25:20 - What data the fleet sends to Tesla
29:50 - Embedding
34:00 - Compounding improvement to system
35:20 - Detecting edge cases
36:25 - Driver interventions
41:35 - What can be send to cars without a big firmware update?
44:05 - Perception engine for FSD vs planning system

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