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10 Daily Reminders For a Better Life | A Monk’s Approach

Nick Keomahavong

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Published on Jul 22, 2021
10 Daily Reminders For a Better Life | A Monk’s Approach

As Buddhist monks in the monastery, it's important that we take each day to practice reflection. These are the "10 Daily Reminders" that we consider and contemplate each evening to make sure we continue to improve our practice. This list is an outline of how we as Buddhist monks train ourselves. I share this so you can use it as a reference to apply to your daily life. Take out a sheet of paper, write them down, and apply what fits with your daily situation. I hope this helps. #monks #monklife #reflection

0:00 Intro
3:35 Reminder 1 - How was our thoughts, speech and action?
6:42 Reminder 2 - Not being choosy and using essentials with care and consideration
10:26 Reminder 3 - What can we do to improve our conduct, what bad habits to give up, and what good habits to develop?
11:47 Reminder 4 - How well did we observe the precepts?
15:13 Reminder 5 - What would the Buddha say about our conduct and observance of precepts?
17:13 Reminder 6 - Remind ourselves that we are bound to be parted from all.
19:46 Reminder 7 - Remind ourselves that we all live under the Law of Kamma
21:52 Reminder 8 - What good have we done today to purify our mind?
23:58 Reminder 9 - Have peace and quiet – physically and mentally – and to set aside time for meditation.
28:14 Reminder 10 - How well did you meditate?
32:10 Why am I sharing this?


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