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Make your own inline filament diameter sensor (under $5)!

Thomas Sanladerer

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Published on Feb 19, 2021
Let's take a closer look at the inline filament diameter sensor - available for DIY now!
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Download the design and all files (Fusion source files, Eagle PCB design, Firmware)

Some of the parts required (full BOM at the links above)
SS495A linear hall effect sensor
ABEC-rated 623-ZZ bearings
6x2mm magnets on Amazon
PTFE tube

Filament used:
Prusament PETG

Daniel has uploaded the firmware to Github:
For now, this is the recommended repo to develop against if you want to contribute to the code.

Product links are affiliate links - I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you)

Previous video about the filament spool diameter measuring device:

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