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How winter tires can SAVE your life! (Experts Explain)


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Published on Oct 15, 2020
With winter weather conditions just around the corner, experts discuss the importance of tires for your safety and overall vehicle performance.

00:00 - Start
00:48 - Who the hell Is this
01:00 - All-Wheel Drive vs. Winter Tires
02:51 - Winter/Summer/All-Season designation
04:04 - Winter Tires
05:32 - TwinPeak Mountain Snow Certification
06:22 - Summer Tires
07:09 - All-Season Tires
07:38 - How Tire Type Effects Longevity Factors
08:24 - All-Weather Tires
09:15 - Cost vs. Benefit
09:57 - Paper example
10:23 - How Lifestyle Factors in the Decision
10:58 - In Closing

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