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How-To Protect Yourself From Evil Eye | Your Weekly Energy Boost

The Kabbalah Centre

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
Most of us wouldn’t choose to give evil eye to someone else, but the difficulty about it is, it usually happens without us even realizing it! Evil eye is looking at another, and something they have or embody, with jealousy – not only that you too desire it, but that they shouldn’t have it. Giving off that type of energy to another – whether in person, or even through social media! – is a lose lose for everyone involved, but why?

Join Kabbalah teachers Elisheva Balas and David Ghiyam for this week’s episode of the Weekly Energy Boost on:
- How you can spot when you may be giving evil eye to others, and even yourself
- Ways to create protection from evil eye
- How to remove the after effects from past evil eye


Tune-in every Monday for the Weekly Energy Boost radio show with hosts, Kabbalah teachers Elisheva and David Ghiyam.

The Weekly Energy boost is a 7-day forecast of each week’s spiritual energy based around the teachings of Kabbalah. We discuss insights and tools to help you through the unique window in time as it approaches.

On each show, we’ll bring stories, concepts and strategies to assist you in elevating your spiritual approach to your own daily life and the situations that you face.

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Introduced to the study of Kabbalah in his teens, David Ghiyam not only found the answers to life’s questions, but a simple and comprehensive path toward achieving the fulfillment he was after. With 15+ years of experience teaching classes around the world, David is a catalyst for people to realize that abundance and fulfillment begin on the inside with a strong spiritual practice.

Elisheva Balas has been teaching Kabbalah for nearly 20 years in 15 different cities across the world, including London, Rome, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. She is loved for bringing humor to her classes and lectures. Believing that we should be able to laugh at our negativity, she emphasizes that laughing helps to internalize the painful reality where the ego puts us.


About the Kabbalah Centre:
The Kabbalah Centre is a global non-profit charitable organization whose work in teaching spirituality for the modern world strives to create positive transformation on an individual and global level.

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