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Representing yourself in the Magistrates' Court - Part 1

Old Bailey Solicitors

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Published on Nov 28, 2016
This is the first in a series of six short videos designed to assist individuals who are planning to represent themselves in the Magistrates' Court.

If you have been charged with an offence and you are intending to represent yourself in court, it is likely that you will have some questions that need answering before you get there. You may have no idea what will happen at the first hearing in court. Will the court expect you to enter a plea straight away? If so, how do you know whether to plead guilty or not guilty? What will happen if you plead guilty? Will you be expected to say anything to the court? What powers of sentence does the court have and what orders might the court make?

In this series of short videos Rod Hayler of Old Bailey Solicitors in London ( will explain some of the basic do's and don't's. The videos are designed to help you prepare for the first hearing and for making a plea in mitigation in the event of a guilty plea. Rod will also identify some pitfalls that you may not have considered.
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