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The Biggest Mistakes Dom Made In The Fast & Furious Movies


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Published on Jun 04, 2021
2001’s The Fast and the Furious introduced the world to Dominic Toretto, an elite street racer with a love for family and an unwavering sense of morality. Over the last 20 years and across numerous Fast & Furious films, audiences have seen Dom grow as an individual, going from a hot-tempered antihero to a legendary badass who can outdrive anyone who gets in his or his family’s way.

But while living life a quarter mile at a time might work out for Dom on the racing circuit, it means the people in his life are sometimes left in the dust. These are the biggest mistakes Dom made in the Fast & Furious movies.

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Beating someone with a wrench | 0:00
When Dom crossed Johnny Tran | 1:35
Letting O'Conner infiltrate the gang | 2:50
Dom calling it 'Race Wars' | 4:09
Leaving Letty in Dominican Republic | 5:19
Not recognizing the real Braga | 6:32
Commandeering the Rio train heist | 7:34
Getting shot by Letty | 8:51
Playing chicken with Deckard Shaw | 10:00
When Dom became Cipher's pawn | 11:10

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