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Small Details In Aladdin You Missed

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Published on May 24, 2019
Despite the mixed reviews, one thing's for sure: the 2019 remake of Aladdin is full of references to its original, animated counterpart and also features quite a few noticeable creative departures.

As fans of the original flick may remember, the scrappy, animated Aladdin begins his journey by stealing a simple loaf of bread. However, the live-action remake has our hero stealing not food from a street vendor, but jewelry from an unsuspecting civilian. It's not clear why this decision was made — especially since the song Aladdin sings as he parkours through the market begins with the lyric, "One jump ahead of the breadline …" — but perhaps it's because Aladdin's jewelry snatching ways become a central plot device of the movie when a stolen bracelet from Princess Jasmine gives him an excuse to see her again.

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Where's the bread? | 0:12
A Robin Williams tribute | 0:48
Jasmine and Dalia's BFF-ship | 1:42
A feminist princess | 2:25
The genie is a ... human? | 3:12
Jafar's whole new look | 3:54
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