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Jeep Wrangler YJ Snow Camo Spray Bomb Paint! (Cheap-ish driveway job)

Random Acts of Dave

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Published on Aug 24, 2020
This is my random attempt at doing a snow camo paint job on my 1992 Jeep YJ. The reasoning for the paint was for both fashion and function! I named my Jeep Lou in honor of Lou Dog, the dalmatian "mascot"/best friend of the band Sublime! So Lou got his spots and now when I need to chop and grind away rust, I can patch the paint back with a fresh new blotch of camo. The method I use here can be used to either spray your "not so perfect" beater or offroader. Any shape could be cut out of poster board (doesn't have to be camo) to give your ride a custom touch. I did a storm trooper logo for shits and giggles on a buddys truck hood years ago. My cost on paint for the flat black base was under $50 Canadian Pesos. The complete job was approximately $160.
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