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I messed up. You're using too much detergent.

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Published on Sep 20, 2021
New rule: instructions on how to use the consumable thing from those who are incentivized to keep selling it to you ought not be trusted.
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00:00 Intro
00:29 A Quick Overview
01:26 Why I'm making this video and an apology
02:02 Testimonials
02:38 No pre-wash spot doesn't mean no pre-wash happens
03:09 A note about Express/Quick/Eco/Whatever settings
04:28 MY TERRIBLE MISTAKE (I'm sorry!)
06:27 Detergents and Hard Water
08:02 You can use way less detergent than the box says
09:29 When to use more
10:46 Tests! Experiments!
14:31 "No Pre-Wash!" on the box doesn't mean what you think it means
15:51 What about independent lab tests?
16:57 My varied dishwasher life experience
18:06 Co-marketing agreements of doom
20:16 Chemicals in detergent pacs vs powder
23:39 Cost comparison
26:02 A quick note on packaging waste
26:24 The Downside to Gels
29:08 But Gels aren't all bad
31:18 Do powder detergents have abrasives in them?
32:14 Rinse Aids (use them!)
33:38 Dishwasher cleaning and maintenance (do it!)
34:58 Dishwasher salt
36:16 Mostly snarky rants from here on out
46:34 Bloopers
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