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What Happens Few Seconds Before You Die?


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Published on May 29, 2019

If you haven't heard the news by now but OUR CHANNEL HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED by YouTube recently and we can no longer run this channel without your help. We tried to contact YouTube to resolve this issue but as always, they never solved anything. Clearly they have something against Islamic Channels since our videos was never suitable for their site for the last 3 years.

Day by day YouTube is becoming really strict, so we need to step up to secure our future content. AND THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW MORE THEN EVER! To keep this channel alive, we have set up a membership page ( ) where your support can allow us to continue making videos here daily/regularly.

We don't need anything huge, we're simply asking help for the price of a coffee just to keep the channel running for basic things like licensed footage, images, audios, paying our editor, ...etc. We just need the bare minimum to keep the channel secured from copyright. Sadly YouTube was our only way of covering these costs but that's got taken away from us.

Brothers and sisters, I'm sure you spend $10's of dollars or more each day, a week or a month on trivial things and worldly matters (Netflix and other entertainment service) but can you not support a cause that helps 100,000 people a day spiritually and gets them closer to Allah? Unfortunately we are in a situation where all the Islamic channels are dying and we need to come together and unite.

Alhamdulillah we get around 100,000 views a day on our videos, if only 10% of our active viewers were to support us, we'd reach our goal within few hours. Right now we are at 33% of our target goal to run this channel.

❱ Support us as much as you can here:

❱ If you can't support monthly, you can make one-time donation here:

Brothers and sisters, help us get back on track in this blessed month of Ramadan so not only do you get reward for helping others come closer to Allah but you benefit from them as well. InshaAllah your help will not go to waste, your reward will be by Allah.

Imagine the reward you get for helping us produce videos that benefits over 100,000 people a day.

If any Muslim has a problem with supporting the work of Muslim channels they love (then these individuals really need to question their intentions) there are literally hundreds of Patreon member pages from Anti-Muslim channels gaining huge amounts of support from their own viewers, so they can make better videos attacking Islam and mocking us, should we not deliver the BEST content to defend Our religion, Our Lord, Our Messenger, Our way of life!?

If you cannot or don't want to support us, then that's perfectly fine but please do not be rude simply because we want to spread Dawah. Jazak Allah Khair and Make Dua for us.


All our stock footage is licensed for LoveAllah328 channel, and vocals are produced exclusively for our content.

❱ Speaker: Dr. Yasir Qadhi
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What Happens Few Seconds Before You Die

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