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Quran: 36. Surah Ya-Sin (Ya Sin): Arabic and English translation

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Published on May 16, 2020
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The Holy Quran
36. Surah Ya-Sin (Ya Sin)
Arabic and English translation and transliteration


Period of Revelation

Sūra Yā-Sīn (Arabic: سورَة یس) is the thirty sixth sura of the Qur'an. It is a Makki Sura in the juz' twenty second and twenty third of the Qur'an. The sura is called so because it begins with disjoined letters (muqatta'at): "Ya" (ی) and "Sin" (س). According to hadiths, Sura Yasin is one of the most virtuous suras of the Qur'an such that it is referred to as the "Heart of the Qur'an".

Sura Yasin is concerned with the three principles of monotheism, prophethood, and resurrection, as well as the revival of the dead and the members of the body talking on the Day of Judgment. The stories of "Ashab al-Qarya" (people of the village) and the believer of Al Yasin occur in this sura.

Many virtues are cited for the recitation of Sura Yasin in hadiths. For example, Imam al-Sadiq (a) is quoted as saying that if one recites this sura before going to sleep or before the sunset, he will be protected over the day and will be full of livelihood, and if one recites it at night before going to sleep, God will appoint thousand angels to repel devils from him and protect him against any harms.


English Translation: Sahih International
Arabic Reciter: Mishari ibn Rashid al-`Afasy
English Reciter: Ibrahim Walk
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