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Top 10 FASTEST Electric Motorcycles | Arc Vector vs Tarform X vs LiveWire One

TheFuture | Ride Report

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Published on Oct 15, 2021
Even though all-electric motorcycles are relatively new to the market, more and more motorcycle fans are switching to them from older gas-powered versions. That's why we've put together this list of the best, and fastest, environmentally friendly, Highway Capable Electric Motorcycles.
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Video Chapters:
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1:08 Number 10: Horwin CR6
2:21 Number 9: Harley Davidson Livewire One
3:40 Number 8: Energica Ego
5:16 Number 7: Zero SR/S
6:23 Number 6: Brutus V9
8:02 Number 5: Johammer J1.200
9:04 Number 4: Damon Hypersport
10:00 Number 3: Tarform Luna X
10:56 Number 2: Lito Sora (Generation 2)
12:14 Number 1: Arc Vector
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