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Worlds biggest Jeep fan explains why JEEPS ARE UNRELIABLE.. and why that is a good thing!

D&E In The Garage

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Published on Jun 05, 2020
No, you did not misread that.. Doug from D&E is here today to tell you why JEEP ARE UNRELIABLE... I am also going to tell you why that sentence is outlandishly misleading AND why it is a GOOD THING there are so many unreliable Jeeps on the road.

From the way we lift and maintain our Jeeps, the people we sell our lifted Jeeps to.. down to the Jeep 4.0L's need for zinc in its oil! There are a million different factory contributing to the general condition of disrepair and unreliability of most Jeeps out on the road today.

To throw a total curve ball into this conversation.. after I convince you that Jeeps are unreliable, I aim to convince you that it is a good thing! Think I can do it? Tune in to find out...

For this video we are primarily speaking about the YJ and TJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee, and ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokee, though this can - to some extent apply to everything from the KJ Liberty and WK Grand Cherokee up to the Jeep rolling off the line today

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We hope you enjoyed this video and will keep in mind that all information included is intended to be purely academic and in fact is only the opinion of D&E. We are not professionals, nor are we qualified to knight you a professional. D&E want to ensure that anyone modify or fixing their own vehicle does so in a safe manner which leaves the vehicle in a legal, roadworthy state. In short, DON'T BE A MONKEY WITH A TOOL BOX! If you don't know what you are doing, leave it the professionals!
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