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Therapist Reacts to A QUIET PLACE

Cinema Therapy

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Published on May 25, 2021
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Grief, trauma, parenting... these are all difficult to navigate under the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible during an apocalyptic monster invasion. Yet somehow John Krasinski and Emily Blunt face it all with strength and love in A Quiet Place.

Licensed therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright talk about the powerful relationships and stunning filmmaking in A Quiet Place. There's a lot we can learn about dealing with grief, healing after tragedy, parenting, marriage, and of course how to survive if sound-detecting monster creatures invade the planet.

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Cinema Therapy is:
Written by: Megan Seawright, Jonathan Decker and Alan Seawright
Produced by: Jonathan Decker, Megan Seawright & Alan Seawright
Edited by: Luke Mclean
Director of Photography: Bradley Olsen
English Transcription by: Anna Preis