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Taking Delivery of my 992 Turbo S!

Adam LZ

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Published on May 01, 2021
In March I took delivery of a 992 Turbo S that I spec'd out earlier this year. You guys know I've been talking about one for a while - they're essentially Porsche's flagship car of performance/technology and I finally pulled the trigger. I've been keeping it a secret for two reasons... It was about the same time as the LZ Compound reveal - which would've came off as way too flashy/look at me - and it would've taken away from the continuity of compound specific videos. The real reason I've been keeping it a secret... is not a good one. About a week after owning the car... something happened, and I'm not sure if/when it will be back. So please be patient with me - I have a few videos on it, but really only decided to post because Mike is on vacation and I haven't had time to edit any of my more recent content (been filming with the GT3 in the Smoky Mountains). I hate posting this video knowing that the car will be gone for the foreseeable future, but it is what it is. Sorry for the long description - I just didn't really explain anything in the video.
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