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Should you buy a Jeep wrangler 4xe ?

Brandon Haneline

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Published on May 17, 2021
Full 2021 Jeep wrangler 4xe review. Here we will take a deep dive in on my experience with the jeep 4xe
In this video we will discuss the following below. I have left a link for videos with more detailed information of the jeep wrangler 2021
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I have made a wrangler 4xe playlist If you are looking to purchase a wrangler hybrid click this link to watch.

βœ… Safety features like forgetting to unplugging
βœ… Pedestrian speakers
βœ… Engine Specs
βœ… New fuel door changes
βœ… Level one charging
βœ… Level two charging
βœ… Charging icons how much does it cost for a full charge
βœ… Mpg
βœ… How many miles can you go on a tank of gas
βœ… Badging - Sahara vs Rubicon
βœ… Different electric modes
βœ… What happens if you run out of gas or battery
βœ… Where is the battery and components located
βœ… Hybrid pages
βœ… Under the hood changes
βœ… Safety precautions disconnecting the battery for accessories
βœ… Maintenance
βœ… Warranties
βœ… Pricing of the vehicle
βœ… $7500 tax credit
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