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The Last Words Of Every Fallen MCU Hero And Villain


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Published on Aug 14, 2020
The MCU has seen its fair share of death over the course of its many films, with many characters uttering dramatic final words packed with thematic meaning. These are the last words of every fallen MCU hero and villain, starting with the most memorable.

The first major villain to fall in the MCU was Obadiah Stane, the antagonist in the first Iron Man. Stane is introduced as Tony Stark's lifelong friend and business advisor, but as the film goes on, it becomes clear that he is unhappy that Tony has survived his trip to the desert. Latching on to Tony's own arc reactor technology, he becomes the Iron Monger, hellbent on killing Tony and reclaiming the company for himself.

While his actual, mostly forgettable last words come a second later when he tells Tony to hold still so he can shoot him, it's the words leading up to that moment that foreshadowed Tony's recurring struggle within the MCU.

"Trying to rid the world of weapons, you gave it its best one ever. And now, I'm going to kill you with it."

In many ways, Tony Stark spends the rest of his time in the MCU grappling with his own legacy, trying to use his brain to protect the world even as his hubris keeps causing problems.

It took three Iron Man films before one of the character's most famous comic book villains, the Mandarin, was finally brought to the MCU...sort of. For much of the film, the Mandarin appears as a terrorist in a series of video messages, which later turn out to be the work of a drug-addled actor hired by the film's real mastermind, vengeful scientist Aldrich Killian.

As the film progresses, Tony Stark learns that Killian and his Extremis compound are the real threats, and the two clash in a fiery showdown at the end of the movie. Before Killian finally dies, he shouts,

It's an amusing tease for what's to come, since neither villain of Iron Man 3 is actually the real Mandarin. Marvel revealed in 2019 that the real Mandarin will be making his debut in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Groot may only say three words throughout most of Guardians of the Galaxy... Keep watching the video to see all the last words of every fallen MCU hero and villain.


Obadiah Stane | 0:00
Aldrich Killian | 1:09
Groot | 1:59
Pietro Maximoff | 3:02
Ultron | 3:52
Yondu | 4:32
Erik Killmonger | 5:29
Odin | 6:22
Loki | 7:07
Gamora | 8:02
Vision | 9:04
Natasha Romanoff | 9:58
Thanos and Tony Stark | 10:43
Quentin Beck | 11:48
Thor's friends and foes | 12:45
Captain America's enemies | 14:58
Other MCU villains | 15:59
Cosmic and magical characters | 17:04

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