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50 Hours In A Country That Doesn't Exist On A Map (Transnistria)

Yes Theory

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Published on Oct 11, 2021
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WE'RE BACK! Weekly uploads until December then every 2 weeks! We've been filming a lot recently, it's been crazy being able to do this again. We've got lots of life updates coming along with some of the most epic adventures to date.

On this trip, Eric and Thomas head to a country in Eastern Europe that doesn't exist that calls itself Transnistria.. Considered dangerous to travel to by some familiar with the region.. They decided to travel there without any itinerary and see what they find.

This idea was submitted to us by Nick Bowlby in our Creative Internship program we hosted last year! We had 6 people from the Yes Fam pitch ideas for us every week for a few months and lots of great things came out of that, including this one. So shout-out to the Yes Fam and Nick for getting us out to this strange and unique “country”.

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