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Tesla Model 3 Road Trip - Manchester to Cornwall (RANGE ANXIETY?)

Mark Brown

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Published on May 07, 2021
Tesla Model 3 Road Trip - Manchester to Cornwall (RANGE ANXIETY?)
On this holiday road trip, I take my Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021 Made in China model on a 900-mile road trip from Manchester to St Ives in Cornwall.

In this video, we'll explore parts of Cornwall and see how easy it is to use the Tesla for a road trip and charge along the way.

I don't have a home Tesla Charger so I'll be using public chargers for my Model 3 including pod-point and Tesla Superchargers.

We'll also look at how much this road trip costs in the Tesla Model 3, breaking down each stop in terms of time and cost.

Range Anxiety? Maybe!
#TeslaModel3 #UK #RangeTest

Link to Spawnpoints video: (Looks like we did a similar journey a year apart in different colour Tesla Model 3s!)

TIMESTAMPS (So you can jump to any point)
00:00 - Intro
00:37 - Charging Tesla without a home charger
02:25 - Journey Planning
03:00 - Model 3 Boot Space
03:24 - Planning journey in Tesla Model 3
05:20 - Starting the long drive
06:38 - Using AutoPilot
08:02 - Using our first Supercharger
10:52 - Is a Tesla Model 3 comfortable to drive?
11:10 - Lifton Tesla Supercharger
12:17 - Charging problems
13:08 - St Ives Cornwall
13:45 - Lost Gardens of Heligan Trip and more charging issues
15:43 - Mevagissey
16:00 - The Minack Theatre and free charging
17:07 - Penzance and charging problems
17:41 - St Michaels Mount and Marazion
18:32 - Truro and Falmouth
18:58 - The drive home in the Tesla
22:11 - How much did the journey cost in total?
23:46 - Final thoughts on using a Tesla for a road trip


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Links to accessories I have (or getting) for my Tesla Model 3:

A handy bag hook for the rear boot!

Jack Pads for Model 3 (In case you ever need to change a Tyre)

No spare Tyre? No problem, I've got a tin of this:

Tesla Game Controller:

Tiny USB-C Cables:

Model 3 Performance Style Accelerator and Brake Grips for Interior:

Premium Interior Car Matts: I got these before I realise the LR comes with floor Matts.)

Anti-Glare Screen Protector:

Organiser for the centre console:

Water Resistant Boot Liner. (I'm buying this one soon.)

Frunk Floor Protector:
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