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The Untold Truth Of Dexter


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Published on Jun 04, 2021
Showtime's darkly addictive serial killer drama "Dexter" took viewers on a wild trip through the darkness of the human heart. Following Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who follows a strict code to only kill those he deems truly heinous, the show featured plenty of complicated killers and shocking twists. For eight seasons, viewers waited in suspense to see if Dexter's crimes would ever catch up with him. As of the original series finale, that doesn't seem to be the case. Over the course of the show, Dexter Morgan and his so-called "Dark Passenger," made friends and enemies along the way while also somehow avoiding capture. Here's the untold truth of "Dexter."

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Based on the books | 0:00
Warm bodies | 1:34
What's in a name? | 2:57
As seen on TV | 3:40
Brother, sister, husband, wife | 4:27
Body count | 5:16
American psychos | 6:11
The darkest passenger | 7:19
Creeping around | 8:27
Copycat killers | 9:21
The bad ending | 10:17
Living to kill again | 11:43

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